28,29,30 March 2014

Vernissage Künstlermesse .. Kulturkirche Altona Hamburg, Germany













March2nd - April25th

March2nd until April25th 2013 i exhibit with 10 works in The Source salon + spa in Tucson/AZ . The exhibition is together with Susan Libby (http://instacanv.as/susetoo), a local photo artist. Susan Libby invited me and arranges everything around my exhibit in the Source. 

The Source regularly provides a platform for local and regional artists.


April 2nd - May 21st

from April 2nd until May 21st 2013 i exhibit with 11 works at Waanders boekverkopers in Zwolle/NL.


Waanders boekverkopers is a continues stage for various art forms for (mostly) local artists.


1st Aug - Sept 30th

from the 1st of August until september 30th 2013 i exhibit with 11 works in Wijz de Terp in Zwolle. Wijz de Terp provides a continues platform for local artists. Contact person is Mary van Riel.


October 11-12-13

October 11, 12 and 13th 2013 i exhibit with 6 works at the Mobile Art Europe Messe Berlin in the Museum für Kommunikation in Berlin / Germany.








July - August 2014

Isala Zwolle / Netherlands





22 nov - 22 jan 2014

Tucson / Arizona US

Nov 22nd 2013 - Jan 22nd 2014 i exhibit with other mobile and fine artists at Ward6, Tucson / Arizona. The proceeds from sales goes partly to Integrative Touch for Kids.